Get started with Pokko in the official documentation, and learn more about all our features

Pokko is a fully-featured headless content management system with advanced functionality that allows you to build powerful content platforms backed by solid data structured.

Getting started

It costs you nothing to get started with Pokko, create an account and start building out your data model.

Head over to to get started now.

Accounts and projects

Once you have logged into Pokko you will need to create an account.

Accounts are where projects belong, they can have multiple projects. You can also belong to multiple accounts and invite other people to your account, giving them access to the projects in your account.

Click the "Create account" button and give your account a name.

With the account created, click the "Create new project" button. Select the region you want your project data to live in and give it a name.

You are now ready to start configuring your data model.

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